POL-EKO climate chamber lighting

Climate chamber 7-channel multispectral LED lighting

Tailor-made, professional LED lighting project for ATK Research Institute

We developed and installed a fully specialized LED lighting system at “Centre for Agricultural Research”, Hungary. The new LED lighting of the POL-EKO climate chambers were designed The new LED lighting of the POL-EKO climate chambers were designed to meet the needs of researchers. The contolling hardware and software is also a Ledium development.

The programmable multispectral LED lighting system is used by several researchers from several fields of application, so we have installed the following LED light sources according to previous arrangement:

365 nm UV
420 nm violet170 µmol/s/m2
450 nm royal blue300 µmol/s/m2
520 nm green80 µmol/s/m2
660 nm deep red300 µmol/s/m2
730 nm far red41 µmol/s/m2
4000K white200 µmol/s/m2

The indicated values were measured from a distance of 30 cm. LED chips were bought from Lumileds, Osram and Luminus Devices.

Plenty of design and measurement preceded production. We have more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, so we have solved this, if not easily. The final result is a very complex lighting system, what looks like a plain black board. From the printed circuit board to the glass cover insulation everything was made in-house.

The LED panels with IP65 protection have the same size as the previous shelves, and can be installed to the desired position. Each shelf is individually controllable from the central unit with a web browser.

LED lighting for climate chambers


The installation of the speciality LED lighting took only 30 minutes, thanks to to the fast plug system we used both for the LED shelves and the driver boxes.

Driver boxes of the LED control system

Climate Chamber LED controls

All the lighting shelves in the climate chamber are centrally controlled from the appropriate software. The lighting data is uploadable from a spectrophotometer, and an intuitive GUI helps to mix certain light recipes. This way we can offer the most flexible solution for the users.

Lighting unit database in the LED controller software

The controller of the LED lighting in the climate chamber is the result of several years of development. We have manufactured industrial-grade hardware and software solutions that provide unique control method in the world.

Horticultural lighting LED control timeline
Timeline of a growth recipe with real PPFD values

The control system can drive any currently operating lighting device or group of lamps with suitable ballasts.