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Universal LED horticultural controller for unique light recipes

LediumGrow univerzális LED vezérlő rendszer - lighting controller


Professional horticultural lighting control

We created a lighting controller for your research project. For your vertical farm. For your greenhouse. As we have learnt in the past years, you cannot be precise enough when you want to obtain the best results with your plants.  

Now you can be accurate. Now you have a Spectral Synthesiser. 

The LediumGrow is a robust, industrial grade integrated hardware and controlling software developed by Ledium. Our goal was to create the best lighting control solution for research purposes with unlimited possibilities. 

UV? Visible? Infrared? Special colour mixes? Use any type of lights, what you need.   

Run many growth recipes simultaneously with up to 512 independent light groups!

Key Advantages

Extreme Flexibility

You can use almost any lighting device with the controller with appropriate DMX driver.

Real-life PFD or irradiance values on your screen

What you see is what you get!

Unlimited lighting combinations

Real Spectrum synthesiser – You can use any number of color of LEDs (or old fashioned lights) for your experiments. Mixed colors!

Advanced Growth Recipes

Flexible configuration for growth stages, custom leght of growing days

Multiple communication ports

Wired or wireless communication possibilities.

Future-proof design

Prepared for sensor data-based device controlling  (HVAC, nutrients, etc.)

So simple

The system is independent from any light manufacturer.

Record or make your target light recipe…

… place them on a timeline …

… make a mixture with your available lights …

… run your project(s)!

System design

We can design your vertical farm or other growth lighting project, including luminaires, cabling, and data transmitting.

Tailor-made solutions

LediumGrow works with ANY lighting device you have or you will buy. All you need is to get a spectrophotometer, record the spectral and intensity values for every lighting device one-by-one and upload to the controller.

Of course, we are happy to offer you tailor-made solutions for your growth chamber, vertical farm or research project. 

Hardware overview

Our industrial-grade lighting controller computer is the best choice for conscious growers.

Many connection possibilities, hardware-level lighting calculation, watchdog systems, advanced software solutions make the LediumGrow device the ideal solution.

Capacitors for RTC (18 months)
Optional GPS chip for time sync
WLAN (1x1N)
Cellular 4G/5G
Cellular main

LAN port with power


Dedicated CPU for lighting calculations and watchdog system

USB Host + Console
RS485 #2

DMX Universe #2 or data line for future sensors

RS485 #1 (DMX Data Out)

Data stream to the lights


Alternative 12V power supply

Weipu connectors for power and data




Agricultural sectors

Our horticultural controller is designed for the horticultural industry, furthermore it can be a convenient solution for sectors like aquaristics or poultry farming. 

Coming soon

Sensor and event management:
Connection to HVAC, nutrient dosing systems and many sensors (eg. humidity, temperature, pH, EC, ORP, etc.)


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